Ric Grenell swats Fall-For-It-All Swalwell, who hasn’t been owned this bad since Fang Fang

The more we see of U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., the better we can understand why Communist China appeared to target him with a sultry spy named Fang Fang, whom the Democrat would reportedly bang bang.

Fittingly, Swalwell would see fit to run interference for Vice President Kamala Harris, who took heat over a Saturday afternoon tweet that read: “Enjoy the long weekend.”

The tweet was seen as a trap for conservative media, as BizPac review noted Sunday, setting them up to be dinged by fact-checkers for criticizing Harris for not respecting Memorial Day weekend — after a follow-up tweet surfaced marking the day.

Predictably, Harris shared this full-throated tweet Sunday: “Throughout our history, our servicemen and women have risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country. As we prepare to honor them on Memorial Day, we remember their service and their sacrifice.”

Before the second tweet came out on Sunday, Richard Grenell, who served as Acting Director of National Intelligence under former President Trump, wondered aloud why CBS anchor John Dickerson showed no interest in the original tweet.

“There’s no way he could see it and not critique it, right?” Grenell asked. “Or was he instructed by the ruling party to not talk about it?”

Seeing an opportunity for attention, Swalwell weighed in to point a largely debunked media fabrication about Trump allegedly calling the troops “suckers” and “losers” for dying for their country.

“This your boy? My God. This is like dunking in Oz,” the lawmaker tweeted, clearly proud of himself.

With sitting members of Congress regurgitating liberal media garbage, there’s little wonder why the rubbish was being cranked out daily during the Trump years.

Nonetheless, Grenell’s response to Swalwell cut so deep it’s not hard to imagine that the California lawmaker wished his Chinese spy/lover was still around to stroke his ego.

“Why does Swalwell always fall for fake news and spy traps? Trump never said this and yet you keep demonstrating that you easily get duped. From Fang Fang to Fake News. Have some skepticism,” Grenell tweeted.

Of course, we are talking about a man so desperate for attention that he appeared to noisily pass gas on live TV, resulting in Fart-gate.

All of which means there’s no shaming the shameless — which could be the slogan for the Democratic Party.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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