When Trump puts name on COVID relief IRS letter it’s BAD, but when Biden does it, no biggie

President Joe Biden is taking credit for distributing direct payments under the American Rescue Plan last month, sending out a letter via the IRS. Former President Trump […]

NBC ‘fixes’ the news that Texas voters rejected critical race theory by a landslide

NBC News is being met with enormous skepticism on social media for its narrative-pushing way of summarizing the results of a high-profile, “bitterly divided” Texas school board […]

NJ school nurse suspended for likening children wearing masks to ‘child abuse’

A school nurse in New Jersey has been suspended for saying masks are not effective in mitigating COVID-19. Erin Pein, a nurse in the Stafford Township school […]

Hotel ripped over rude mega-masking sign as America bites back!

A sign posted by chic Chattanooga, Tenn. hotel, Moxy, is drawing viral negative reactions online for appearing to demand that all guests wear masks at all times […]

Biden salutes journalists: They ‘uncover truth, check abuse of power, and demand transparency.’ LOL!

President Joe Biden offered admiration and praise for the American media in a statement Monday recognizing World Press Freedom Day just a few days after major outlets […]

Disneyland ride sparks woke leftist outrage following park re-opening

Just days after Disneyland reopened following more than a year of lockdown, leftists are crying foul over the Snow White attraction as she receives “true love’s kiss” […]

Bronx suspect with 42 charges, burglary, vandalism, Jewish hate crimes, released from jail, bail dropped

A 29-year-old New York man facing 42 criminal charges for alleged vandalism in an 11-day hate-crime spree is now on supervised release. New York’s controversial bail reform […]

Rob Smith: People are sick and tired of politics influencing every part of life

Americans have reached the saturation point with woke corporations, especially in the entertainment space, hectoring them with left-wing politics and social justice platitudes, according to conservative activist […]

Rep. Stefanik circulates emergency alert petition: ‘John Kerry is compromised and must be prosecuted’

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is promoting a petition to have Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry investigated for alleged remarks to Iran’s foreign minister Javad […]

ABC News puts award-winning spin on poll describing Biden’s failure to unify

An early trend seen in the Biden presidency is favorable polling being broadcast by the same media entities that more or less elected President Joe Biden, polling […]

Sen. Hawley unpacks breaking up the Big Tech monopoly: ‘Time to get power back to the people’

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., believes Big Tech giants Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon need to be broken up because they pose the “gravest threat” to liberty […]

Congress will not return to pre-pandemic operations until hesitant members get vaccinated

The U.S. House of Representatives will not return to pre-pandemic operations until more members become vaccinated, Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared last week after President Joe Biden’s address […]

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