Hotel ripped over rude mega-masking sign as America bites back!

A sign posted by chic Chattanooga, Tenn. hotel, Moxy, is drawing viral negative reactions online for appearing to demand that all guests wear masks at all times unless they are eating and drinking, no questions asked, and no exceptions – even for people who are vaccinated and despite the expiration of a county mask mandate.

A photo of the sign was posted on Twitter by DC Patriot contributor Matt Couch, who wrote: “Guess who shouldn’t get your business…. Get Woke Go Broke Geniuses like this.”

The hotel bills itself one that is “stylishly chic…that focuses on the less, while offering so much more,” according to an online description. It also appears to cater to younger crowds.

“Made for the young and young at heart, our check-in experience is one of a kind,” the description says.

But it was the intolerant tone of the sign that drew the ire of social media users.

“Yes, masks are still required!” the sign declares, adding:

— “…but the county mandate has expired.*WE DON’T CARE *

— “…but I’ve already had COVID” *WE DON’T CARE*

— “…but Rona is a hoax” *WE DON’T CARE*

— “…but I’m vaccinated” *WE DON’T CARE*


“My question is why get vaccinated if it doesn’t do anything? Real question— no stupid bullying, but legit true answers! Why vax if it doesn’t make a person safe or protected to end the masks and social distancing????” one user wrote in response.

“Begs the question, what would the perfect situation be for them to have no masks?” another wrote.

“If your service is great, ‘I don’t care.’ If your price is cheaper, ‘I don’t care.’ If the location is good, ‘I don’t care.’ You force me to wear a mask, you won’t get my money!” said another.

Others joined in with their responses as well.

Even as more states and cities reopen following more than a year’s worth of COVID-related closures, many businesses and venues have refused to repeal various restrictions such as social distancing and mask-wearing. But that refusal is coming at a cost.

“We cannot afford to take chances with the lives of my staffers. They’re young people and their parents have entrusted me with their care,” De J. Lozada, owner of Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn in Austin, Texas’ Barton Creek Square Mall, told the Associated Press last month as to why he’s continuing to require customers to mask-up despite the state ending its prior mandate.

“Storeowners, business owners have the absolute right to require customers, vendors, anyone who comes onto their property to wear a mask,” Michael Jones, a lawyer with the firm Eckert Seamans in Philadelphia, told the AP.

Jon Dougherty


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