Don’t recognize the Republican party? Tucker Carlson has some compelling thoughts.

The priorities of Republican Party leadership are different than their voters. We know what Republicans want, because they finally got it in 2016, but that is rare. […]

Rand Paul: Fauci must answer why he upgraded animal viruses to infect humans

It’s time for Fauci to fess up. U.S. Senator Rand Paul to aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci once , demanding in a Fox News appearance to know […]

Home Depot answers Georgia’s black faith leaders pushing for boycott over voting law

Home Depot to to Fox News to defend itself against black religious leaders in Georgia pushing to boycott the corporation over its silence on the state’s new […]

Chauvin called a ‘serial murderer’ on CNN, baffled hosts scramble to clarify

CNN Newsroom hosts scrambled to save their segment on Tuesday after a guest called former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin a “serial murderer.” “We talk a lot. […]

‘EXCUSE ME?!’ Gutfeld verdict-response shocks co-hosts; sparks fly after guest says he’s ‘off his meds’

Drama on “The Five” ratcheted up to 100 after the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced on Tuesday. Co-host Greg Gutfeld elicited some raised eyebrows from his colleagues […]