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Biden meets the press and the pandemic disappears

Tucker calls out ‘dictatorial’ Mich AG for arresting restaurant owner in retaliation for appearing on his show

Tucker Carlson is calling out Michigan’s “dictatorial” attorney general for fundamentally misplaced priorities upon the possibly retaliatory arrest of a state restaurant owner for noncompliance with COVID […]

Al Sharpton threatens Manchin, Sinema with the ‘r-word’ if they don’t get in line on the fillibuster

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! Notorious race hustler Al Sharpton has vowed to use phony accusations of racism to try and force Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and […]

It’s been one year since media-darling Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept COVID patients

Andrew Kerr, DCNF Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s March 25 order that required New York nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. Cuomo was […]

Biden declares he plans to run for reelection, critics of wide-ranging, scripted-like presser aren’t so sure

President Biden held his first solo press conference on Thursday and addressed immigration issues and held a discussion on the filibuster where he blamed former President Trump […]

Rubio bucks ‘stigma’ against UFO-related inquires, wants to know what’s ‘flying over military installations’

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! The truth is out there, and by golly Florida Sen. Marco Rubio desperately wants to know it. Speaking with TMZ from Reagan […]

Jay Leno caves to the woke mob and apologizes for Asian jokes: ‘In my heart I knew it was wrong’

Comedian and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno is seemingly bowing to cancel culture and is now apologizing for past jokes he has made targeting Asians, saying […]

CNN: Berman’s despicable allegation against pro-2nd Amd. legislators nearly matched by Camerota’s proposed ‘plan’

CNN’s John Berman reprehensibly stated on “New Day” Wednesday that lawmakers who take a stance against gun control are intentionally choosing mass shootings and saying that “Boulder […]

Leftist talking point claims mass shooters are majority ‘white’, mug shot compilation tells another story

Democrats keep insisting that the majority of mass shooters are violent, white males but photo collages from 2019 and 2020 do not seem to support that assertion […]

Tucker pledges to defy censorship in new Fox Nation series as BPR vows we won’t be silenced!

A trailer for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s upcoming Fox Nation program features the popular host vowing that neither he nor the network will “be silenced or canceled.” […]

Report: Hunter Biden caught up in damning handgun incident in 2018 involving Secret Service, FBI

Presidential son Hunter Biden was involved in a strange incident in 2018 regarding a handgun that also involved Secret Service and FBI agents, according to a Thursday […]

Ted Cruz puts Kamala Harris’ feet to the fire over border surge: ‘What are you hiding?’

Sen. Ted Cruz called out Vice President Kamala Harris over an old tweet in which she made a number of promises regarding immigration a day after President […]

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