Affluent prep school told students to stop saying ‘Newton’s Laws’ to ‘decenter whiteness’: Report

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF An affluent New York prep school reportedly told students to call Newton’s Laws of Motion the “three fundamental laws of physics” in attempts […]

Gov Abbott inexplicably trashes Gab as anti-Semitic platform, Texas GOP and company CEO fire back!

Seemingly out of the left-field, as it were, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has spoken out against Big Tech censorship, has condemned Twitter competitor/alternative Gab as anti-Semitic, […]

Larry Kudlow warns sweeping transformation of US economy via Dem’s ‘green socialism’ agenda

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! With an ostensible coronavirus relief bill that barely has anything to do with the pandemic now passed and out of the way, […]

Dems reject ICE notification of illegal immigrants trying to buy guns on heels of proposed reform for the rest of us

Democrats who are always for more and stricter gun control have suddenly become leary of a bill that would have required a government background check on illegal […]

Chicago burb first city to offer reparations hits a snag when out the gates proposal is called racist and ‘anti-black’

Evanston, which is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, has just become the first U.S. city to offer reparations to black people due to “historical racism and discrimination.” […]

Timeline: How Cuomo went from America’s ‘love gov’ to fending off calls for his resignation in less than 12 months

Andrew Kerr, DCNF For much of 2020, Andrew Cuomo was lauded as America’s favorite politician, praised for steering New York through the COVID-19 pandemic and dubbed the […]

Four former presidents appear in vaccine campaign ad, absent of the man who largely made it happen

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! The man who oversaw the development and initial distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, former President Donald Trump, is nowhere to be seen […]

Biden border official seems to inadvertently admit Trump’s border policies worked in disastrous presser

A top immigration adviser to President Joe Biden may have sent signals to migrants in Mexico and Central America that the U.S. border is open during a […]

Five OKC cops charged in shooting death of armed 15 y/o following alleged gas station robbery

Five Oklahoma City police officers have been indicted for first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a 15-year-old male after he crawled out a drive-through window and […]

Mumford & Sons ‘free-thinking’ lead guitarist reportedly forced out after endorsing Andy Ngo’s Antifa book

The lead guitarist and banjo player for the popular U.K. band Mumford & Sons seems to have been canceled for a now-deleted tweet in which he praised […]

NY attorney general files first ‘Central Park Karen’ case against shop owner who blamed BLM for attack

New York’s Democrat attorney general has filed the first case under the state’s so-called Central Park Karen law which prohibits false and racially motivated police reports. AG […]

Stacey Dash throws former employer Fox News under the bus, dumps on Trump in groveling mea culpa

Former Fox News pundit and actress Stacey Dash turned on former President Trump and tore into Fox News in an interview with the Daily Mail. She also […]

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