Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney issues ‘exclusion list,’ will no longer accept cases from 28 officers

A St. Louis Circuit Attorney backed by far left billionaire George Soros announced she will no longer accept cases from 28 city police officers. Kim Gardner, who […]

Uber driver shoots and kills crazed man who cut him off. Here’s why local sheriff backs his play

Uber driver Robert Westlake is very remorseful after shooting and killing a Florida man who cut him off, but he has the full support of the local […]

Ariz. hopeful Martha McSally puts it bluntly: ‘Do you want a protester in a tutu, or a patriot in a flight suit?’

Arizona Senate nominee Rep. Martha McSally looked ahead to the November election and asked voters to consider the “very clear” contrast between her and her Democratic rival. […]

New study churns up thousands of foreign nationals registered to vote in just 13 cities

Molly Prince, DCNF More than 3,000 foreign nationals were listed on voter rolls across 13 sanctuary jurisdictions, according to Public Interest Legal Foundation research released Monday. The study, […]

Mattis authorizes National Guard to remain on southwest border for another year

Will Racke, DCNF Defense Secretary James Mattis authorized the National Guard troops deployed to the southwest border to stay there for another year, the Pentagon confirmed Friday. […]

Dem rep fires off a threat to immigration officials, warns ‘you will not be safe’ when Trump leaves office

In the war being waged by Democrats against US immigration officials, one Arizona lawmaker just fired a disturbing shot at ICE. Rep. Ruben Gallego warned federal immigration officials […]

‘Not very bright’: Don Lemon jabs at Kanye West when he doubles-down on Trump support

Irony alert! CNN pundit Don Lemon — who many consider the “dumbest man on television” — slammed Kanye West as “not very bright” because the rap superstar supports […]

CNN posts ‘face of the Trump resistance’ and it inadvertently becomes an instant hit … with the right

CNN has finally found the perfect “face of the Trump resistance.” And it should come with a warning label. “One person has served as a rallying point for […]

’17 angry Democrats’ down to 15, as two members of Mueller’s team quietly leave

The “17 angry Democrats” are now down to 15. Two prosecutors, including an expert in computer crimes, have quietly left special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, according to […]

hunter richard Kino Jimenez maga hat
Texas throws the book at thug who ripped off teen’s MAGA hat and threw a drink at him

All’s well that ends well. A Bexar County, Texas, grand jury threw the book at Kino Jimenez for attacking a Trump-supporting teenager at a San Antonio Whataburger, indicting […]

Florida faces an increasing teacher shortage after thousands were fired for failing state exam

Grace Carr, DCNF Thousands of Florida teachers were fired this summer after failing to pass the mandatory state examination that makes them eligible to teach, exasperating the […]

Black Trump supporter talks Obama vs Trump: ‘Night and day … I can’t keep up with the jobs now’

President Trump headed off to Evansville, Indiana, on Thursday to hold another one of his now infamous rallies. Trump was in top form, praising his supporters and […]

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