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Black Trump supporter talks Obama vs Trump: ‘Night and day … I can’t keep up with the jobs now’

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President Trump headed off to Evansville, Indiana, on Thursday to hold another one of his now infamous rallies.

Trump was in top form, praising his supporters and taking no mercy on his adversaries during the fiery event.


But, there was a moment before the rally began that highlighted the night and the state of the nation’s economy.

Fox Business Network reporter Jeff Flock caught up with a Trump super-fan (you can tell by the socks!), who happens to be black, and asked him to compare life during Obama’s term to Trump’s so-far. His answer was clear as “night and day.”


“I can tell you right now. I saw jobs when Obama was in office, and I saw jobs when Trump’s in office, it’s night and day,” the rally goer named Tony said.

“I couldn’t go out in rural communities and get a job when Obama was president. I can’t keep up with the jobs now that Trump is in office.”

The moment was not lost on social media, as Trump supporters and patriots celebrated Tony’s great news from middle-America.




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