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Ariz. hopeful Martha McSally puts it bluntly: ‘Do you want a protester in a tutu, or a patriot in a flight suit?’

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Arizona Senate nominee Rep. Martha McSally looked ahead to the November election and asked voters to consider the “very clear” contrast between her and her Democratic rival.

Speaking with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends” Friday, the Republican candidate hammered home the differences between herself, a former fighter pilot, and her Democratic opponent, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.

“The contrast is very clear,” McSally said. “Do you want a protester in a tutu or a patriot in a flight suit?”

McSally, who won Arizona’s Republican primary for Senate on Tuesday over challengers Dr. Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio in the race to fill retiring Senator Jeff Flake’s seat, continued to point out the differences between herself and Sinema. SHe had hammered the Democrat in a campaign ad leading up to the primary.

“While we were in harm’s way in uniform, Kyrsten Sinema was protesting us in a pink tutu and denigrating our service,” McSally, the first female combat pilot in American history, said in the video ad, highlighting Sinema’s anti-war past.

“There’s a real choice here for November,” McSally told Kilmeade. “Someone like me who served in the military for 26 years, flew in combat 325 hours…put my life on the line for our freedoms and has been working hard to cut your taxes, secure our borders, rebuild our military, working with President Trump. Or someone who is protesting our troops in a pink tutu after 9/11.”

McSally clarified that her immigration stance, which mirrors that of President Donald Trump, is based on a “security issue” and this matters to all who are legally living in the U.S. regardless of race and national background.

She also dispelled comments that she was “lukewarm” on Trump before the election.

“No, that’s not true, Brian,” she said. “I’ve never endorsed anyone in my life, but during 2016 I was working really hard to get the vote out.”

“I have been working closely with him. My voting record is 97 percent with him. I have a great relationship with him. And we are working together,” she said of the president.

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