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CNN posts ‘face of the Trump resistance’ and it inadvertently becomes an instant hit … with the right

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CNN has finally found the perfect “face of the Trump resistance.”

And it should come with a warning label.

(Image: screenshot/CNN Twitter)

“One person has served as a rallying point for dispirited Democrats: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” CNN’s Chris Cillizza announced Friday.

“At first glance, Ginsburg seems like an odd figure to provide hope to Democrats, who have been forced to watch over the past few years as everything they hold sacred has been dragged through the mud by Trump,” Cillizza went on, opining that “the past two years have been nothing short of a hellscape for Democrats.”

CNN’s love affair with the oldest sitting Supreme Court Justice is nothing new, as liberals hang on to the hope that the 85-year-old’s workouts will help keep her going until President Trump is out of office.

But declaring that “the face of the resistance is a bespectacled grandmother with a killer workout routine” was just too much for the internet.

Frieda Powers


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