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Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney issues ‘exclusion list,’ will no longer accept cases from 28 officers

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A St. Louis Circuit Attorney backed by far left billionaire George Soros announced she will no longer accept cases from 28 city police officers.

Kim Gardner, who accepted money from a national super PAC funded by Soros which even funded her campaign ad in her race for St. Louis Circuit Attorney, is now unleashing her leftist agenda on the city of St. Louis.

Gardner delivered what she is calling her “exclusion list” of 28 officers she singled out to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on Tuesday, and is also inexplicably reviewing their past cases, KMOV reported.

“Their reputation is being attacked by a prosecutor who doesn’t have a very good reputation herself,” said Jeff Roorda with the St. Louis Police Officers Association said.

The Circuit Attorney’s office allegedly held meetings with police department leaders due to a concern about the honesty of some officers, according to KMOV.

“Demanding that an explanation be given to the police department and these officers as to how their name ended up on this list and how they get off this list,” Roorda said, noting that the reputation of the officers on the list could be damaged if the information were leaked out.

“She could be opening herself up to some sort of civil liability. Based on the fact that she’s making an accusation just by writing their names down,” former prosecutor Kristi Flint told KMOV, admitting this is a first for her.

The police department issued a statement:

“The Police Division did receive an Exclusion List created by the Circuit Attorney’s Office. While we are seeking legal guidance on how this affects the Police Division, we have also taken steps to notify each of the involved employees. At this time, we are considering how best to proceed and what if any actions to take. Any further inquiries should be directed to the Circuit Attorney’s Office.”


Gardner was not available for comments but also issued a statement.

“To do our jobs properly and legally, we must have confidence in the accuracy and honesty of the oral and written reports of police officers,” Gardner said in a statement. “A police officer’s word, and the complete veracity of that word, is fundamentally necessary to doing the job. Therefore, any break in trust must be approached with deep concern.”

The 28 officers have dozens of cases before the St. Louis Circuit Court, according to Roorda who said a team of attorneys is reviewing the matter for possible legal action, KTVI reported. He also slammed the move for causing a spike in crime.

“I do not understand the reason for this at all,” Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said. “I am deeply concerned this action will result in criminals going free … vulnerable communities not getting the protections they deserve.”

Gardner had a formal complaint filed against her with the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel for her handling of the case against former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. The Circuit Attorney was accused of withholding evidence and suborning perjury, KMOX reported.

Meanwhile, the liberal Gardner and her “exclusion list” have come under heavy fire by critics.

Frieda Powers


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