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’17 angry Democrats’ down to 15, as two members of Mueller’s team quietly leave

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The “17 angry Democrats” are now down to 15.

Two prosecutors, including an expert in computer crimes, have quietly left special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, according to CNBC.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

CNN reported that the Justice Department confirmed that prosecutors Ryan Dickey and Brian Richardson are no longer working for the office of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Their departures did not have to do with any allegations of wrongdoing or political bias, special counsel spokesman Peter Carr told CNBC.

President Donald Trump has slammed Mueller and his team, which he called the “17 angry Democrats,” dismissing the Russian collusion probe as a “witch hunt.”

Dickey joined Mueller’s team in November 2017 and was the first member of the team to specialize in cybercrimes.

CNN reported that the prosecutors “appear to have left Mueller’s office sometime this summer.”

Dickey will continue working at the Justice Department and Richardson moved on, taking a position as a research fellow at Columbia Law School.

Earlier this month, Trump fired off a tweet regarding the ’17 angry Democrats’ and Mueller’s ‘witch hunt.’

Social media reaction shows that many Trump supporters are cautiously optimistic this could be a sign that “wheels might are coming off” the Mueller probe.

The timing of the disclosure is interesting, considering bombshell testimony from DOJ official Bruce Ohr rocked the political world yesterday, and had Trump allies demanding an end to the probe:


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