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Texas throws the book at thug who ripped off teen’s MAGA hat and threw a drink at him

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All’s well that ends well.

A Bexar County, Texas, grand jury threw the book at Kino Jimenez for attacking a Trump-supporting teenager at a San Antonio Whataburger, indicting him for theft of person, which is a felony, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Jimenez, 30, was captured on video snatching a “Make America Great Again” hat off 16-year-old Hunter Richard’s head and throwing a drink in his face.

After grabbing the hat, Jimenez asked Richard why he was wearing it and the teen said that he supports President Donald Trump.

“You ain’t supporting sh*t, n***er. You b*tch *ass motherf*cker!” the tough guy said, after dousing the boy with a drink.

He told the teen the hat was going into his fireplace as he walked out with it.

The video went viral, displaying just how dangerous it has become to show support for the president in some precincts in America.

As for Richards, he managed to get a new hat out of the deal — signed by President Trump!

Jimenez is currently out on bond and will go to trial on Oct. 19, the Express-News reported.

While Richards came out ahead, Jimenez, who has a criminal record that includes misdemeanor offenses for marijuana possession and driving while intoxicated, didn’t fare well at all. In addition to being arrested for the incident, it was reported that he was fired by a local bar, where he was a part-time employee.

Tom Tillison


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