S. Carolina woman ordered a yoga mat; $400,000 in illegal drugs unexpectedly arrived with it!

“The dealers weren’t as intelligent as they thought they were,” Brown said.

Mariah Carey lounges in front of a Christmas tree for interview, gets slammed for answer on Vegas attack

“Lounging in that ridiculous position was putrid.”

SG Ryanair2
Drunk, unruly punk on a plane gets big surprise when older guy puts him in a choke hold

He’s still got it.

AP Benghazi Militant
His bodyguard reveals Chris Stevens’ heroic last words in testimony at alleged Benghazi mastermind trial

…and Ambassador Stevens was defiant to the bitter end.

SG Jenner
Are men missing their ‘junk’? Transgender reversals are on the rise

The news comes amid a huge rise in the rate of gender reassignment patients.

Iraq war vet wants to know why SWAT stood 24 min outside shooter’s door, it took 72 min to stop shooter

The delay to take out Paddock included 24 minutes where SWAT teams were armed and ready outside of his hotel room door but waited.

Watch: Shooting survivor reunites with the stranger who saved his life in Las Vegas horror

Jack Crowe, DCNF A survivor of the horrific mass shooting that took place Sunday in Las Vegas shared a heartfelt on-camera reunion Monday night with the man […]

Jesse Watters: NFL ‘kneelers’ need to recognize they’re disrespecting the ones who ran ‘toward’ the bullets in Las Vegas

“After watching the heroism of cops in this horrific killing, if any NFL player takes a knee tonight, I’ll never watch a game again.”

Killed in Las Vegas: Afghan vet’s ironic last Facebook post describes what it’s like to get shot at

Saagar Enjeti, DCNF A Navy veteran killed in the Las Vegas shooting described what it felt like to be shot at in Afghanistan in his last Facebook […]

Judge Napolitano tells why the shooter isn’t classified a terrorist. Note to libs, it’s not because he’s white

The liberals have been screaming that if he were not white, we would call him a terrorist.

One of the biggest stars in show business reveals ‘every time I go up on stage, I have a gun on me’

“The secret is, every time I go up on stage, I have a gun on me,”

SG Danley-Knights
Nephew of Vegas shooter’s girlfriend tells what his impression was when he met ‘aunty’s’ mass murderer

Investigators have plenty of questions about suspected Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock and hope to find some answers when they get the opportunity to speak with girlfriend Marilou […]

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