Hillary claims she mistook Chaffetz for Priebus at Trump’s inauguration, he says that doesn’t add up

C’mon! Who’s buying this?

College student fleeing Irma freaks when she wakes up in abandoned train yard

“Cop said it was my fault.”

Clinton’s pastor violates ‘Thou Shall Not Steal’ – ‘Hillary’s daily devotions’ book pulled from shelves

Obviously, Hillary’s plagiarist pastor has had a very public fall from grace.

Here are the 17 Republican senators who voted against Harvey, debt ceiling bill

The president could sign the bill Friday.

Betsy DeVos moves away from Obama’s sexual assault guidelines, triggers feminists bigly

“The White House wants to empower rapists!”

Here’s the under-the-radar guy who vets what hits Trump’s desk

This move made Kelly, along with Porter, two of the most influential staffers in the West Wing.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to quietly remake the Federal Judiciary

The nomination is Trump’s first to the 9th Circuit…

Steve Bannon reportedly sics House Freedom Caucus on Paul Ryan

Bannon’s been busy!

MSNBC host doesn’t even try to whitewash ‘overwhelming’ case against Menendez

“…there’s bribery, conspiracy and lying.”

SG Dreamers
Washington Post defends DACA through misleading fact check

Kessler is not fact checking Trump or Sessions’s statements but what he believes they might have meant.

SG breast milk
Would YOU drink breast milk? Lactating woman serves it up to curious customers at festival

“Some wanted it for their coffee to make lattes.”

SG Grady Judd
Tough-talking sheriff warns sex offenders won’t be allowed at hurricane shelters. Naturally, Dems lose it

It’s not like he doesn’t offer them shelter in a nice, cold jail cell.

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