‘The President I’ve been waiting for’: Fox News analyst praises Trump for sticking it to GOP elites

The president is turning D.C. on its head all right.

Poll shows support for same sex marriage is higher than ever

Looks like all that media, school, and Hollywood indoctrination is paying off.

Kaepernick comes SO close to new NFL deal, then BLM activist girlfriend dashes dreams with ‘racist’ tweet

“His girl [Diab] goes out and put out this racist gesture and doesn’t know …”

SG Trump Hotel DACA
‘Lock them up!’ Watch obnoxious DACA protesters turn more people off at Trump hotel

This is NOT how you win people to your side.

Hillary’s incessant election loss moaning proves too much even for Dems: ‘I wish she’d just shut the …’

“The sooner we stop talking about 2016, all of us on my side, and get to work…”

Chris Matthews wonders aloud if divide-&-conquer Dems could ever ‘run two white guys’ in 2020 and win

“I’ll be blunt.”

Day after debt deal, President Trump could host most awkward dinner ever

Oh, to be a fly on the White House wall.

He knows! Days away from giving birth, Lara Trump shares super sweet moment with family dog


Conservative leaders team up and take aim at ‘discredited’ Southern Poverty Law Center

Forty-seven prominent conservatives penned an open letter warning the media…

Watch young woman escape handcuffs like Houdini, then take patrol car on high speed joyride

She also repeatedly tried to take out a shotgun…

Why weren’t you there for me? Hillary takes aim at WOMEN allies in latest blame-game embarrassment


As Irma careens towards Florida, ‘deranged’ Trump haters have high hopes for its landing

‘Deranged’ is an understatement.