College student fleeing Irma freaks when she wakes up in abandoned train yard

A Fort Meyers, Florida college student filmed the dramatic moment she awoke on an abandoned train while fleeing Hurricane Irma.

Claire Connelly, 18, who hails from Highlands, New Jersey, fell asleep on the train after scurrying to avoid the wrath of Irma and awoke in Raritan, NJ in an abandoned train car, reported.

And like any good millennial, she documented her harrowing experience on video and shared it on social media.

She paid near $1,000 for a flight home, had a six-hour layover in Detroit and landed in Newark, she told

Then she boarded a train for what was supposed to be an hour-long trek to her hometown where her parents were going to get her.

“I fell asleep reading biology note cards,” she said. “I was just exhausted from all the chaos.”

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That’s why the train took her all the way to Raritan which is around 2 hours from her home.

“I literally just fell asleep on my train,” she said.

“I’m on a train. There is no one on. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help. No one answered, the train was completely empty and shut down for the night,” Connelly said.

And with only five percent battery on her phone she was fortunate to be able to call the police and have them get her off the train. But, after they got there, she didn’t get the response she expected.

But, she said, she was on the incorrect train and the man who checked tickets did not check hers.

Connelly said she is so frightened by the incident that she probably will not ride the train again.

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