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Couples tell what ‘Fixer Upper’ sweethearts Chip and Joanna Gaines were really like to work with

“I’m a little disappointed in that. I think it’s not fair,”

ICE conducts 10-day raid, arrests 32 illegal alien sex offenders … in a ‘sanctuary city’

The offenders are set to be processed for removal from the United States.

‘That’s just silly’: Gym members angry that fitness center pulled the plug on cable news channels

“If there`s four televisions sets, surely one of them will have something you like.

Can’t tell if your child is transgender? Associated Press wants to help and it’s not going over well

I don’t need help from the AP deciding if my child is male or female. I can tell easily.

Why the ‘hysterical, biased media meltdown’ over Google memo is getting so much attention

Very eye-opening!

The ‘hug a terrorist’ program is Marie Harf-level ridiculous, but could it actually help?

“That’s wrong in my opinion.”

Brian Williams admits our job is to ‘actually scare people to death’ on North Korea

At this point, Williams made a candid admission, speaking to MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance.

Who knew? Pastor Hillary’s true desire is to preach, just in time for her new book

Religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Patriotism is next to last.

Transgender grads get $20,000 each after bathroom dispute

The school now allows students to use whichever bathroom “consistently and uniformly [matches their] asserted gender identity.”

Trump’s call for ‘fire and fury’ echoes Truman’s thoughts on nuking Japan

Trump faces one of the defining moments of his presidency with North Korea.

FBI agents executed predawn raid of Trump’s fmr campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s home

“If the FBI wanted the documents, they could just ask [Manafort] and he would have turned them over,”

muslim mayor sadiq khan london knife-crimes youtube videos
That’ll stop em’! Muslim mayor of London is tired of knife attacks so he’s cracking down … on violent YouTube videos

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, is blaming YouTube for the surge in knife attacks in his city. In an inane post, Khan urged YouTube and […]

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