Brian Williams admits our job is to ‘actually scare people to death’ on North Korea

MSNBC’s Brian Williams provided a moment of truth on the air while discussing tensions between President Trump and North Korea.

After spending a good part of the segment bashing Trump and his handling of tensions between the two nations, Williams admitted to his panel on “The 11th Hour” Tuesday that their job was to “scare people to death” about the subject.

“Tonight, Donald Trump tells North Korea to stop their threats or face ‘fire and fury.’ With U.S. intel saying the North can now outfit a missile with nukes and the President seems to use the same overheated language as the North, as he deals with a genuine overseas threat,” Williams began the segment.

Later, Andrea Mitchell pointed out the risks of a preemptive US strike against North Korea, citing others who have reacted to the president’s remarks.

“You have reactions tonight from John McCain and from Dianne Feinstein. Dianne Feinstein saying that this is so ill-considered that it’s bombastic, that it is not helpful, that the only short path is a diplomatic path,”Mitchell said. “And from John McCain saying that no other American president he has ever known would have used this language. Not Eisenhower, not Reagan not any other president.”

At this point, Williams made a candid admission, speaking to MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance.

“Malcolm, our job tonight is to actually scare people to death on this subject so the talk isn’t as free as it is about a preemptive or a surgical military strike,” he said.

Andrea Mitchell could be seen shaking her head at his statement, though it could be because she was agreeing with Williams.

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Frieda Powers


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