‘That’s just silly’: Gym members angry that fitness center pulled the plug on cable news channels

A fitness center in Kansas has literally become a “No Spin Zone” as it has shut down cable news from its televisions.

Element Fitness in Lenexa is no longer allowing 24-hour cable news stations, like CNN and FOX News, to air on television monitors at the gym, WDAF reported. The change is allegedly due to members arguing over politics.

For longtime members like Judith Zillner, however, the decision is not a welcome one.

“Oh, I love the gym! I love the manager, all of the programs,” she told WDAF, but felt the change did not respect the freedoms won by those like her father who served in the military.

“That’s not what my dad fought for at all,” she said.

The gym’s manager was not available to speak with WDAF but an employee told the station that the new rule is intended to cut down on arguments and drama.

Zillner shared what someone told her with WDAF:

“Some people got up and pulled the plugs. And then they said `worse than that has happened`. And I said, ‘What?’ ‘We can`t say,'” she said. “We must not get like it is in Iraq and Iran where the Shia and Sunni fight each other to the death over differences of belief.”

Another female member of the fitness center agreed with Zillner and thought it was ridiculous that people could not work out together without letting differing political views interfere.

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“If there`s four televisions sets, surely one of them will have something you like. And you shouldn’t get to say the other three can’t have what the other people like,” Zillner said. “Jerking the plug out of the wall!? That’s just silly.”

Other major chains, like Planet Fitness and Lifetime Fitness, did not respond when WDAF questioned if they had a “no cable news” policy. The YMCA of Greater Kansas City told WDAF that none of its 14 different branches in the area had banned any television content.

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