Why the ‘hysterical, biased media meltdown’ over Google memo is getting so much attention

The hysterics and meltdown by the mainstream media over the now infamous Google diversity memo were slammed by those who actually read it.

Media outlets like The Federalist republished the complete contents of the internal memo by former Google scientist James Damore which got him fired for reportedly violating the tech giant’s code of conduct.

Without ever reading the actual memo, many members of the media freaked out over what they assumed was a tirade against women and minorities.

CNN’s  “anti-diversity memo” headline was changed to “controversial manifesto,” and the network’s Brooke Baldwin claimed the author said he didn’t really “like women anywhere near a computer.”

Mary Katharine Ham’s eyeroll at Baldwin’s statement got its fair share of attention though.

But CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers did read the memo and criticized the “hysterical, biased media coverage.”

Powers laid out her case in a tweetstorm Wednesday.

Others who read the memo also agreed, making the mainstream media’s hysterics look even more ridiculous.

Hardly seems like the stuff that would cause the uproar that it did and lead to Damore’s firing.

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Frieda Powers


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