Senate takes lead in shutdown deal after rejecting six-point plan

Democrats slapped down a promising debt limit proposal by Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, calling for more work in the Senate, according to an Associated Press report […]

Confessions from Obamacare website bigwigs

The man who designed the Obama administration’s new-fangled online health exchange website told industry officials that he had serious misgivings about the debut of his creation. “Let’s […]

United Healthcare ends relationship with thousands of doctors

United Healthcare has sent letters ending its relationship with thousands of doctors in Connecticut, according to a local TV station. “Those letters were sent out to doctors […]

TSA now warns of arrest for ‘remarks or jokes’ about airport security

Going to the airport in this post-9/11 era can be unnerving enough for obvious reasons. Now you have to fear being mistaken for a potential terrorist. What […]

Bloomberg targets tanning salons

Photo Credit: Beautyhigh Gun control just doesn’t give New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg enough satisfaction these days. Up next on the agenda: skin control. “The city […]

Exclusive: UFC superstar Matt Brown says Obama has no empathy for troops

Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar Matt “The Immortal” Brown took time out from training for an upcoming battle with former interim champ Carlos Condit to offer BizPac Review […]

Obama weighs in on Redskins name change; team attorney calls him ignorant

In an outrageous display of his mixed-up priorities, President Obama is publicly advocating that an NFL football team change its name. Yet, he had nothing to say […]

Rocker Bob Geldof predicts climate change will kill us all by 2030

Aging rocker and knighted activist Sir Bob Geldof has decided that “all humans will die before 2030.” Speaking to a group of youngsters at a summit in […]

Why both left and right fear Common Core

Progressives and liberals don’t often agree with conservatives on key issues like gay marriage or abortion. But every now and then, an issue is so heavy-handed and […]

Troops lose sports coverage, Obama keeps personal retreat

Obama‘s years of media impunity have sharpened his hubris to a fine point. He is keeping his personal Navy-run retreat, Camp David, open during the government shut down, […]

Shape of posts erected in town arouses blush-worthy controversy

Residents of Scott Township, Pa., are all agog over some new concrete posts installed along two roads — but it’s not the added layer of safety that […]

Parents’ pumpkin spiced latte gesture to honor daughter goes viral

The parents of an 18-year-old Pennsylvania woman who died suddenly of epilepsy honored their daughter’s memory by sharing her love for Starbucks coffee – with perfect strangers. […]