Cristy Nicole Deweese
Is Spanish teacher who posed for Playboy too hot to teach?

A first-year Dallas high school Spanish teacher might find herself in agua caliente – and out of a job -now that the whole school knows she posed […]

Feds close parts of the ocean due to shutdown

On Day Three of the government shutdown, the Obama administration is now closing the ocean to charter boat captains in South Florida. The White House is turning […]

Jay Carney
Reporter stumps Carney: Why not sign bill, get people back to work?

Press Secretary Jay Carney took the hardline White House and Democratic “all or nothing” stance at Friday’s press conference babbling that Republicans should fully open the government […]

BizPac Review
NASA sponsors gay pride parade in the midst of shutdown

As the Obama administration continues to pursue a wide range of measures to ensure Americans feel the full effects of the government shutdown, it looks as if […]

Why both left and right fear Common Core

Progressives and liberals don’t often agree with conservatives on key issues like gay marriage or abortion. But every now and then, an issue is so heavy-handed and […]

shell game 2
MSN changes poll after 80% vote made Obama look bad

There’s nothing that indicates poll bias more than how a question is asked, or in this case, not asked. MSN ran a poll on the Affordable Care […]

Troops lose sports coverage, Obama keeps personal retreat

Obama‘s years of media impunity have sharpened his hubris to a fine point. He is keeping his personal Navy-run retreat, Camp David, open during the government shut down, […]

greta van susteren
Greta reflects on 11-year run, what she definitely wont miss

It’s been 11-and-a-half years since Greta Van Susteren moved from CNN to Fox News, and remarkably, her show has consistently been No. 1 in the 10 p.m. […]

Congressman says president completely breaking his own law

The president is diminishing America’s defense readiness by furloughing thousands of civilian contractors in violation of an act he only signed into law Monday. U.S. Rep. Lee […]

Wolf Blitzer: Obamacare website shutdown ’embarrassment for administration’

The Obama administration quietly announced late Friday that the enrollment functions of the site will be down for repairs this weekend. The web site set up […]

Mike Lee reveals details of ‘lynch mob’ attack by fellow Republicans

U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, revealed in a radio interview Friday just how extensively he and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, were “attacked” by members of their […]

Catholic priests banned from military by shutdown; could be arrested

Catholic priests are being restricted from military bases under threat of arrest because of the federal shutdown, thus denying service men and women their First Amendment right […]