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Senate takes lead in shutdown deal after rejecting six-point plan

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Democrats slapped down a promising debt limit proposal by Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, calling for more work in the Senate, according to an Associated Press report published on Fox News. The war continues.

Six members of each party met Saturday to discuss what they could agree on in implementing a so-called “six-point plan” for reopening the government. Collins said the plan continues to get bipartisan support, even though Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejected it.

“These meetings were constructive and give me hope that a bipartisan solution is within our reach,” Collins said, according to AP.

The plan would delay implementation of the Obamacare medical device tax and require that  Americans looking for subsidies verify their income to prevent cheats from fleecing the government.

The House was no more fruitful, failing to get the 60 votes needed to extend the debt limit through 2014. House Speaker John Boehner’s caucus has had no luck negotiating a deal with Obama, AP reported, as if anyone could negotiate anything with the president without wearing a turban.

“The only thing happening right now is Sen. Reid and Sen. [Mitch] McConnell are talking,” U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, told AP. “And I view that as progress.”

Conservatives fully expect Obama and his minions to suffer the weight of their wrath.
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