Lincoln Memorial
Patriotic tourists remove barricades, climb Lincoln Memorial

On the same weekend that brought the “Million Vet March” to Washington, D.C., another fairly large group of patriots – protesters, you might say – showed they, […]

Atheists vs. Evangelicals in Battle of the Billboards

This is the best an atheist group can do these days? “OMG, there is no god!” is the latest salvo fired in a battle of the billboards […]

Pelosi mum on if she ever read it to find out what’s in it

Recalling then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words about the Affordable Care Act, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it,” she […]

Mark Levin: ‘America is a blue state,’ so amend the Constitution

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin proposed that “We must go back to the Constitution to save the Constitution” during his appearance Friday at the Values Voters […]

See message left for Obama at entrance to closed park

Sticks and stones may break his bones, but name-calling using such objects won’t hurt him. Meet some people who left a message for President Obama at the […]

Ex-gang leader calls Sharpton, Jackson ‘sympathy pimps’

A former leader of one of the country’s biggest street gangs says Mexican drug runners are getting free rein on the streets of Chicago – thanks to […]

United Healthcare ends relationship with thousands of doctors

United Healthcare has sent letters ending its relationship with thousands of doctors in Connecticut, according to a local TV station. “Those letters were sent out to doctors […]

Bill Maher not giving up gun
Bill Maher implies Obama governs from center out of fear of assassination

During a Friday online-only segment of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher said something so stupid that even blather-mouth Chris Matthews was taken aback. Maher asserted that President […]

TSA now warns of arrest for ‘remarks or jokes’ about airport security

Going to the airport in this post-9/11 era can be unnerving enough for obvious reasons. Now you have to fear being mistaken for a potential terrorist. What […]

Beck applauds Ted Cruz takedown of ‘communist revolutionary’ Van Jones

Glenn Beck played up the Thursday night “Crossfire” showdown between Sen. Ted Cruz and former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones to tout Cruz as a “brilliant” […]

MSNBC chief wants Fox News ‘investigated’ for ‘impossible’ ratings

The head of MSNBC is calling for an investigation into Fox News’ “impossible” ratings earlier in the week. Fox News rolled out its new lineup on Monday, […]

Fox News’ Ed Henry walks out of press briefing after Carney ignores him

Fox News’ senior White House correspondent Ed Henry walked out of Friday’s White House press briefing when, for the first time, he was ignored by the press […]