WWII vets storm memorial despite shutdown

It was a matter of honor. With lawmakers and tourists cheering them on, 91 World War II vets on a visit to the nation’s capital stormed inside […]

Epic fail: Florida rep seeks cash on eve of government shutdown

On the eve of the federal government shutdown, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., took the opportunity to do a little social media fundraising. But judging by the […]

Union no-show jobs cost Florida’s largest county millions

In Florida’s most populous county, union representation comes at a steep price for taxpayers. Instead of showing up for work and doing the public-sector jobs they were hired […]

Holder, Terry
Judge delivers blow to Eric Holder

A federal judge delivered a blow to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder‘ Monday night when she denied the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against […]

Fox hosts skewer ‘House of Turds’ media over shutdown reporting

“Fox and Friends” hosts hit the nail on the head Tuesday morning when they blasted the supposedly unbiased media for its predictably knee-jerk reaction to the government […]

White House petition seeks to designate GOP a ‘terrorist organization’

In response to what it termed “economic terrorism,” a White House petition has been created requesting that President Obama “designate the Republican Party  a terrorist organization for […]

Islamic fighter done in by his own machine gun
Islamic fighter done in by his own machine gun

A video that will make you laugh. Getting your hands on a machine gun in the Middle East is a lot easier than learning how to use one. […]

Dash cam video shows brave police officer saving a woman’s life.
Watch police officer pull woman from burning vehicle

Dash cam video shows brave police officer saving a woman’s life. Read more: El Segundo Police Officer Rescues Woman From Burning Car  

Gutfeld: ‘If only Obama had taken science classes instead of bong hits’

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld referred to a meteorologist who vowed to stop flying (just before boarding a plane) and consider a vasectomy because of climate change […]

Obama praising ISNA
Obama: US ‘proud partner’ of accused Brotherhood front group, ISNA

Just weeks after President Obama delivered a video message praising the Islamic Society of North America, the organization held a private meeting with the leader of Iran […]

Mental illness not only common denominator in mass violence

Billy Johnson, now a regular contributor to NRA News, reveals in a new video what he sees as the common denominator of mass shootings in America  — […]

Tea party leader says Harry Reid acting like a spoiled brat

Immediately after the clock struck midnight Monday evening, ushering in the first government shutdown in 17 years, a key tea party leader said “this is Harry Reid‘s shutdown” […]