med student
Letter from young med student: ‘Mr. President, I’m hanging up the white coat’

It may be impossible to quantify how much economic suffering Obamacare will wreak on the nation, but at least one medical school graduate believes the health care […]

Bette Midler
Actress Bette Midler drags Ted Cruz’s wife into argument; gets schooled

With the nation reeling from the nightmare that is Obamacare, actress Bette Midler launched into a Twitter slam using the wife of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the […]

New tool lets you see who’s spying on you on the Web

With concerns growing over online security, tech giant Mozilla announced the Oct. 25 release of Lightbeam, a tool that will “shine a light on the commercial organizations […]

Journalist’s confidential files secretly taken by Feds during home raid

Federal authorities and Maryland state police conducted a suspicious Aug. 6 raid on the home of former investigative journalist Audrey Hudson and her husband, Paul Flanagan, according […]

ted nugent
Treasurer Ted: Nugent joins first official campaign team in Texas

Former Texas Rep. Sid Miller is not only running for the job of agriculture commissioner in the Lone Star State, his campaign treasurer and co-chairman is none […]
GOP rep gives book on impeaching Obama to 435 House members

Some strong reading material has been recommended to all members of the House. “Republican Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, arranged to have a book calling for President Obama’s […]

‘Who’s the whore now?’ Bashir brutally badgers tea party guest

That British moralist and MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir is up to his mainstream rhetoric again. He went after self proclaimed tea party activist and writer Larry Klayman […]

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller to businesses: Fire Obama supporters, they’ll understand 

Famed SNL star and radio personality Dennis Miller has a strong take on what should happen when Obamacare starts hurting businesses, according to an Oct. 17th radio […]

See what N. Korea built to honor ‘supreme commander’

  North Korea recently opened a new water park to boost its global image, the New York Post reported. In typical fashion, it was ushered in with […]

NRA’s LaPierre: Obama’s gun policies driven by ‘junk science’

The National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre said the Obama administration’s gun policies are driven by “junk science” in an article he wrote for Friday’s The Daily Caller. […]

CNN reporter chastises colleague for calling tea party ‘radicals’

CNN anchor and political hack Michael Holmes got a rebuke for echoing the silly, leftist lies President Obama loves to perpetuate about the tea party And the […]

John McCain: Need to get Biden out of ‘witness protection’

However difficult it is to keep track of who’s side John McCain is on, he recently found the will and the language to make some well-placed, snide […]