TSA now warns of arrest for ‘remarks or jokes’ about airport security

Photo Credit: Yahoo

Going to the airport in this post-9/11 era can be unnerving enough for obvious reasons. Now you have to fear being mistaken for a potential terrorist.

What sounds like Transportation Security Administration audio airing over loud speakers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is not being well-received, Police State USA reported Thursday.

The Orwellian announcements warn that anyone making inappropriate remarks can be arrested and that strangers may be out to pressure passengers to smuggle items aboard planes. That’s a good way to panic the public.

In August, a package containing nail polish remover sparked — of all things — a nerve-gas scare at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, the New York Post reported. Teams of responders in hazardous materials suits converged on the scene. Law enforcement said the compound used in the nail polish so closely resembled nerve gas that it tested positive for the biological weapon, the article said.

With nerve-gas scares and real threats already on travelers’ minds, the Houston airport audio blasts can’t be easing anyone’s fears.

Listen here via Police State USA who reported: “TSA announcement over the intercom system, Houston International Airport Gate B84, 9-20-13 ~9:30am”

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