‘Saturday Night Live’ opens with slam to Obamacare!

“Saturday Night Live” opened this week’s show with a spoof that probably made most liberals lose it. President Obama, played by actor Jay Pharoah, stuck out his chest at […]

Creepy propaganda: High School bands to play Obamacare songs

In the sort of creepy move you’d expect to see in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or Kim-Jung-Il’s North Korea, high school bands in Oregon are being used as […]

Young woman quitting her job by video goes viral

A young woman who allegedly quits her job by posting a YouTube dance video for her boss is going viral. I use the word “allegedly” because I’m […]

Celebrities about to come to Obama’s rescue again

With the curtain about to rise on the disaster movie that is Obamacare enrollment, Hollywood is opening a new front in the propaganda war. Stars of the […]

DC store has great advice on how to survive a government shutdown

As a government shutdown looms, at least until the inevitable capitulation from Republican Speaker John Boehner, a store in Washington is trying to capitalize on the potential […]

CNN’s Hillary movie cancelled; Clinton camp stonewalled director

The director of the upcoming CNN documentary on Hillary Clinton that caused the network to be banned from 2016 GOP primary debates has cancelled the project, but […]

McDonald's shooter
Watch: McDonald’s mass-shooting attempt halted by freak miracle

While a mother was literally praying to God for the son she feared had a mental breakdown, the son was attempting to shoot patrons at a Texas […]

LA schools provide free iPads despite theft, hacking problems

The goal is for every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District to be given an iPad tablet computer as part of an exciting $1 billion […]

Bibi warns Obama: Iranian president’s sweet talk, smiles a ploy

After letting himself be humiliated on the world stage by a Russian despot who was never part of the Obama fan club, the hoops player in the […]

New Dem. mayor calls for independent black nation out of five states

Voting for this guy is functionally and morally no different than voting for a leader of the Ku Klux Klan. He’s just as vile, just as racist, […]

‘Move on’ ad campaign attempts to crush Tea Party; response, bring it! is whipping up its followers to make the most of the congressional gridlock in Washington, D.C., and rustle up a few bucks. “The (government) shutdown — while terrible for America — is […]

chris matthews
Matthews burned: Your boss shut down government 12 times, didn’t call him terrorist

MSNBC blather-mouth Chris Matthews once worked for Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill, who held the gavel in the House during much of Ronald Reagan’s two terms as president, […]

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