House Dem: ‘I haven’t seen so much panic on this floor since 9/11’

The fear gripping Democrats in Washington is palpable in the heat of the Obamacare blowback, because now it threatens the one thing they really care about: their […]

Martin Bashir takes Sarah Palin-bashing way too far; calls for his suspension follow

Eyebrows were raised the world over when MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir suggested someone take a dump in Sarah Palin’s mouth. During a progressive monologue he called “clearing […]

Home Depot’s offensive tweet has company in clean up mode

Home Depot is scrambling to save face after someone controlling its Twitter account spit out a bizarre photo depicting two African Americans flanking a third person wearing […]

UN negotiates freedom for Gitmo terrorists willing to learn ‘peaceful islam’

The Obama administration is in the process of negotiating the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, if they are willing to take some “counseling” and a bit of […]

DMV worker pleads guilty to supplying illegals with drivers licenses

A former Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles worker and an accomplice confessed to getting paid cash for handing out state identification cards and driver’s licenses to as […]

Tom Cruise under fire for comparing acting to serving in Afghanistan

Tom Cruise compared the rigors of his acting responsibilities to a soldier fighting for his life in Afghanistan, according to legal documents quoted by TMZ on Friday. […]

Oliver North predicts Russians will kill Snowden: ‘He’s a dead man walking’

Ever the crack military analyst, Lt. Col. Oliver North predicted that the Russians will kill famed National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and pin the murder on […]

judge 11 - 2
Judge Pirro: ‘What happens in this administration, stays in this administration’

Fox News favorite Judge Jeanine Pirro devoured President Obama in her weekly address Nov. 2, dining first on the ugly “who knew what and when” debate on […]

Tennessee High School segregates students based on grades at lunch

A Tennessee high school is taking segregation to a whole new level – separating kids with poor grades from the rest of their schoolmates, according to WSMV […]

Obama foot on desk
AP slams WH for staged photos; tells press not to use Obama’s ‘propaganda’

When Americans see a picture of President Obama in his office, on the phone or in some other function, the natural conclusion is that it was taken […]

Army memo says Christians not to be labeled as extremist hate groups

The U.S. Army will finally stop calling Christian groups extremists. An Oct. 18 memorandum from Army Secretary John McHugh put a stop to such nonsense, ordering a […]

Wheelchair-bound store owner shoots, detains robbers

A wheelchair-bound jewelry store owner in Alcoa, Tenn. allegedly shot a robber and held two men at gun point until police arrived on Oct. 23. Suspects Jordan Echols and […]