‘Peace will win’ pops up after Nice terror attack, but ISIS has a message of its own…

“Soon …”

Rudy Giuliani says what we are all thinking – ‘If I had an organization called White Lives Matter . . .’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is right on track for pointing out, “If I had an organization called ‘White Lives Matter,’ you would say that […]

There is a question floating around about these two photos . . .

Undecided? Here’s a third option from someone who went in a whole new direction.

Message to stump liberals will make your day . . .

Liberals’ logic makes perfect sense in their heads.

Louie Gohmert tells Fox & Friends what caused him to TOTALLY GO OFF on Dems who hijacked House floor

Having been up all night to lead the GOP charge against the rediculous “occupy Congress” movement . . .

Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields taunts Trump’s fired campaign manager

It didn’t take long.

Disney quickly builds a wall and installs new signs that might make you even angrier

Maybe Disney should have thought of this earlier. . . .

‘Drunkest cities in America’ were just announced–95% of them come from the same region

19/20 come from Middle America…

Gorillas’ annual Easter eggs hunt is a hoot to watch

The gorillas at the Cincinnati Zoo know how to get into the Easter spirit.

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