Americans are dying to know! Any guesses what Obama used as a ‘secret handle’ to email Hillary?

Americans were hit with another FBI document dump on Friday ( Is anyone else freaked out that those words seem normal now?).

This one provided ample entertainment, along with the sickening realization that we are being duped by the FBI in this country.

It was revealed that Hillary Clinton emailed President Barack Obama directly while using her private email server ( the one Obama learned about on the news the same time the rest of us did).

The documents released show that the president used a pseudonym in those communications, which prompted countless Americans, who have to laugh to avoid crying, to wonder what his alias actually was.

Actor James Woods asked his 425,000 followers for guesses on what that “secret handle” might be:

The query allowed social media users to get their creative juices flowing and some of the responses are downright hilarious.

Here’s a sampling:

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