Louie Gohmert tells Fox & Friends what caused him to TOTALLY GO OFF on Dems who hijacked House floor

A visibly frustrated Rep. Louie Gohmert said he was not about to sit quietly while the Democrats disrespected the victims of last week’s Orlando shooting and the rules of Congress.

Having been up all night to lead the GOP charge against the Democrat’s ridiculous “Occupy Congress” movement, the Texas firecracker appeared on Fox & Friends to react to his powerful confrontation during the Democratic Sit-In on the House Floor. “Radical Islam killed these innocent people,” he shouted at the tantrum-throwing bunch.

The riveting video has swept over the Internet. See it here. 

Gohmert could hardly believe the behavior of his colleagues. “This is insane to try to take away our civil rights, our Second Amendment rights …then they [Democrats] were fund-raising. They’re doing fund-raising calls based on the deaths of these people and we’re standing up for it. It is just so outrageous …”

Gohmert went on to say:

“The Orlando shooter personally in his own voice message made clear he was killing for the Islamic State which is the most incendiary, radical form of Islam. Muslim friends in the Middle East, Africa and Asia have asked me why the Obama administration refuses to recognize that the radical Islamists are at war with us; and House Democrats joined in that refused recognition today.

The sit in on the House floor violates so many different House rules, yet they continue in sheer disrespect for the memory of the Orlando victims by refusing to stand up to or even call out the radical Islamist hatred that drove the murderer. After 11 hours of their disrespect for the House rules and the Orlando victims,  I had to speak up and point out ‘Radical Islam killed those innocent victims. Are you next going to outlaw pressure cookers (that were used in Boston)?'”


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