Irate Lt. Gen. Flynn demands Muslim leaders to stand up and condemn the attacks

Why, for the most part, don’t they?

British columnist goes ballistic with urgent call: Stop waiting to be slaughtered!

“Liberal lefties takes to the airways lecturing at us, not to react.”

hillary-trump screen shots
As jihadi attacks continue, France’s socialist president endorses Hillary, slams Trump

“The best thing the Democrats can do is to get Hillary Clinton elected.”

Dem. Senator not happy with ‘maniacal’ Founding Fathers over that whole separation of powers thing

“If you look at other democracies around the world…”

Illinois couple tries to adopt foster child. Now their Second Amendment rights are being threatened

“No foster parent should have to forfeit their constitutional rights…”

New Trump-Pence logo raises a whole lotta eyebrows – let’s just say you’ll know who’s boss

This is classic.

‘Freaked out’ Democrats in meeting with Hillary: Why are the polls ‘so close’?

“We wouldn’t be Democrats if there weren’t a few bed-wetters.”

Illinois set to create official state government Muslim council

“This special status for a religious group is surprising in a country that bars an official state religion.”

Trump nearly breaks the Internet with ‘Crooked Hillary Pokemon Go’ parody attack ad

“I’m a Democrat, lol, but this is funny as hell.”

Bastille Day terrorist’s identity is released and no one but the media is surprised

“I had my money on Bob Johnson.”

MSNBC catches hell for leading the pack in media whitewash of Nice TERROR attack

When you don’t have a gun to blame!

Outcry after 75-year-old white man is beaten unconscious by young black male on NYC street

Why isn’t this a ‘hate crime?’

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