Tucker Carlson focuses on US corporate media ‘covering up’ what leaked Pentagon docs reveal

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused corporate media outlets Thursday of “covering up” what the leaked Pentagon documents actually reveal about the U.S.’ involvement in the Ukraine […]

Larry Elder will ‘likely’ announce 2024 presidential bid ‘soon,’ close friend says

A 2024 GOP presidential announcement from conservative talk show host Larry Elder is likely “coming soon,” Tom Tradup, a close friend of Elder and vice president of […]

Reinstated Dem rep who joined with mob at Tennessee Capitol says Republicans want to ‘reenact the Civil War’

A Democratic state representative who was reinstated after being expelled for joining a mob that stormed the state capitol said Thursday that Republicans were “reenacting the Civil […]

Ohio women’s group unveils second round of ads attacking ‘extreme anti-parent’ amendment

A conservative women’s organization in Ohio announced Thursday it was airing two new ads to oppose a ballot measure that it said would wipe out parental rights. […]

Judge refuses to grant Jan. 6 Proud Boys defendants a mistrial

Five Proud Boys charged with committing seditious conspiracy on Jan. 6 were denied a mistrial Thursday, CNN reported, in a case marked by allegations that dozens of […]

‘Someone has to lose their job’: Former GOP rep says Biden admin should be held accountable for Pentagon doc leak

Former Republican Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin said Thursday that the Biden administration needed to be held “accountable” for the leak of classified Pentagon documents. The FBIarrestedJack […]

Kamala Harris says ‘no medication’ is safe from attack after appeals court abortion pills ruling

Vice President Kamala Harris reacted Thursday to a federal appeals court’s decision to uphold the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of abortion pills while retaining key […]

The Biden admin hands out millions to green groups that supported his climate bill

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $177 million to environmental groups, including some who publicly supported the Biden administration’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act, […]

RF Climate, protest
Top Biden DOJ official takes heat for flip-flopping on climate lawsuit: ‘Signal virtue to political bedfellows’

A top Biden DOJ official is taking heat for flipping the established government position on climate change lawsuits, a move opponents say only stands to benefit the […]

Too transparent: Frisky mayor almost bares it all during NSFW nightclub performance

If you thought the American political scene was rowdy, let’s take a trip to Columbia where Mayor Martín Alfonso Mejía decided to take his “public service” to […]

‘Terminating’ potholes: Famous actor’s helping hand causes controversy in LA

Sometimes we forget, but actors are people just like us. This means that they have the same pet peeves we do, including never-ending potholes our tax dollars […]

Red state legislature approves bill that would create the state’s first school choice program

The North Dakota House passed a bill on Thursday that would create the state’s first school choice program, giving taxpayer funds to students outside of the public […]

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