‘Time to buy gold’: Tucker Carlson reacts to ‘second biggest’ bank failure in American history

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Friday that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was similar to a “bank run” from 1929 and the collapse of the […]

The Biden admin’s two-faced Israel policy

The Biden administration has lost no opportunity to deride and infantilize Israel while pushing the “two-state solution” that, among other things, takes no notice of the fact […]

Biden admin set to overrule green interests, approve massive Alaska oil project: Report

The Biden administration will approve ConocoPhillips’ application to establish three drilling locations in Alaska, overruling environmentalists who had criticized the project, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar […]

Apple investors reject shareholder proposal to audit ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ policies

Apple’s holders rejected a proposal by the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) at its annual holder meeting Friday to conduct an audit of its racial […]

‘Feds broke it’: Observers melt down after major bank collapses overnight

Observers of Silicon Valley and the tech sector melted down Friday following the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank after its stock crashed Thursday. Federal regulators shut […]

Biden’s Energy secretary says ‘we can all learn from China’ on climate policy

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said Friday that everyone could “learn from” China when it came to climate policy while speaking at the South by Southwest festival. China […]

High school’s policy forces girls to leave their locker room if uncomfortable with trans students

An Arizona high school has a policy allowing transgender students to change in their preferred locker rooms and forcing female students to use alternative facilities if they […]

Sexual assault at military academies shot up 18% during the last school year

Reported incidents of sexual assault at U.S. military academies jumped 18% during the 2021-2022 school year compared to the year prior, according to a Pentagon report released […]

A fentanyl supplier got life in prison for a deadly overdose. He could have killed thousands

A New Port Richey, Florida, fentanyl trafficker was sentenced to life in prison for distributing a sum of fentanyl that caused one man’s deadly overdose and had […]

Biden Cabinet member claims colorblind IRS algorithms are ‘racially biased’

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed during congressional testimony Friday that colorblind algorithms used to determine audits are racially biased, citing studies. “The IRS doesn’t know an individual’s […]

Father in Julius Caesar costume challenges teacher’s gender-fluid attire at school board meeting

A Concord, New Hampshire father, showed up at a school board meeting Monday dressed as Julius Caesar to drive home the point that CSD Superintendent Kathleen Murphy […]

Disney CEO announces significant cost cutting measures, content and jobs on the chopping block

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that cost-cutting is coming to the entertainment giant, from theme parks to film and TV to streaming services, with an emphasis on […]

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