Elon Musk says feds randomly drug tested him for ONE YEAR after infamous Joe Rogan podcast

Elon Musk is alleging that after smoking weed with viral podcaster Joe Rogan in 2018 on-air, the federal government decided to randomly test the billionaire for drugs […]

The culture war in science fiction

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Most of us know the story of Gina Carano, the actress from Disney’s hit Mandalorian series […]

Cops in hot water after Alaskan woman pulls ‘white privilege’ card at traffic stop, they let her go

The left is crying foul after a woman was pulled over during a traffic stop in Alaska last month and jokingly showed her “white privilege” card instead […]

CNN’s Kasie Hunt ignores vocal voters, asks Liz Cheney: ‘Do you think US is ready for a woman to run things?’

Despite the repeated rejection by Wyoming voters of RINO Republican Rep. Liz Cheney following her involvement in the Dem-led House investigation into Jan. 6, CNN has decided […]

Kids taught to POLE DANCE by shirtless male hairdresser at Pride Fest: ‘My kiddo is a natural!’

A shirtless gay hairdresser was videoed teaching a young boy to pole dance at the Pennsylvania Pride Fest and defended it as “an avenue for fitness, creativity, […]

Ed Henry reams former colleagues over 2020 coverage: Fox tried to ‘off Trump on election night’

Real America’s Voice anchor Ed Henry joined embattled War Room icon Steve Bannon at CPAC Texas on Friday and accused his former colleagues at Fox  News of […]

Kevin Spacey ordered to pay ‘House of Cards’ creators $31 MILLION for lost revenue

Celebrated but now-disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has been ordered to pay the creators of “House of Cards” nearly $31 million for losses that were incurred after Spacey […]

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and young son spotted in chaotic scene following gunfire at Mall of America

Champion NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was seen racing through the Mall of America on Thursday after gunshots rang out, sending terrified shoppers sprinting for the doors. Fox […]

NFL’s Terrell Owens posts wild exchange with ‘Karen’ neighbor: ‘You’re a black man approaching a white woman!’

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens got into a racially charged faceoff with a “Karen” neighbor who accused him of speeding through the neighborhood, while dramatically […]

Mom who says black daughter was deliberately snubbed by mascot at Chuck E. Cheese threatens lawsuit

The mother of a black two-year-old girl who was allegedly snubbed by a Chuck E. Cheese mascot in New Jersey at a birthday party is threatening to […]

CPAC responds after ‘The View’ adds 2 RINO anti-Trumpers to fill ‘conservative’ spots in spineless copout

Attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) aren’t exactly jazzed about ABC’s announcement of two permanent “conservative” pundits who will contribute to the low-I.Q. gaggle that […]

Creepy! Video shows woman teaching ‘sacred’ abortion ritual with altar for sacrificed baby

Some have likened the left’s fanatical obsession with abortion to a death cult and a creepy YouTube video in which a woman details a bizarre ritual to […]

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