Longtime Dem says pandemic opened her eyes as nearly 40,000 switch to Republican Party in Pennsylvania

As political tensions heat up and middle ground between the two dominant American political parties appears to shrink, one Pennsylvania mother explains why she abandoned 34 years […]

Democrat congressional staffer quietly fired for pretending to be an FBI agent, now on his way to prison

In a move that made virtually no heads last year because Democrats kept it quiet, a staffer to Rep. Brad Schneider of Illinois was fired for impersonating an FBI agent and he is now on his way to federal prison.

Lollapalooza security guard charged for faking mass shooting threat to ditch work early: report

An 18-year-old security guard who worked for Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival last weekend has been arrested for making two false mass shooting threats in order to get […]

Newsom dangles huge tax credit to win back film production with divisive ultimatum: ‘Time to choose’

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) thrilled unions by announcing his support for extending $1.65 billion in tax credits for TV and movie creators and urged them to leave […]

Video catches harrowing moment Ariz grandmother is rescued from raging flood

Arizona police were quick to respond when flood waters from a monsoon swept Sue Teders’ vehicle away, pushing her into a guardrail as she attempted to complete […]

Big tech and CDC coordinated to censor COVID information, lawsuit alleges

A digital strategist who challenged the official COVID narrative has alleged that improper coordination occurred between the federal government and social media platforms. Justin Hart, a litigant […]

Senior editor at Vox fantasizes about Justice Alito’s death with creepy ‘obituary’ tweet

The fantasies of leftist journalists are getting bizarre and macabre with each passing day. Take Ian Millhiser, for instance. He’s a senior editor at Vox, and […]

John Kelly secretly listened to all of President Trump’s phone calls, Kushner alleges in book

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former advisor, had some interesting things to say about his time in the West Wing in his upcoming memoir Breaking History: […]

Russian judge rules ‘criminal intent’ and throws the book at Brittney Griner; WH responds

A Moscow-area judge has rendered a decision in the case pending against pro basketball star Brittney Griner. Upon arriving at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in February, Griner — […]

Woman with NY license plate refuses to drive through red states because she doesn’t feel safe: ‘Am I being obtuse?’

A viral tweet is indicative of the unhinged fear that liberals dramatize when it comes to visiting red states such as Texas, Kentucky, or Florida and how […]

‘Poor Jean-Pierre’ gets civics lesson after saying SCOTUS Roe v Wade decision was ‘unconstitutional’

Karine Jean-Pierre, the perpetually uninformed or ill-prepared White House press secretary, is getting roasted on social media for her lack of knowledge of basic civics. Jean-Pierre, who […]

‘Meant to be cruel’: WaPo takes a jab at GOP congresswoman after untimely death

The Washington Post struck again on Wednesday when, in a piece about the tragic death of Representative Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., they thought it necessary to discuss January […]

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