Claire McCaskill’s spin on gas prices and Jan 6 correlation could make a fake news host blush

(Video Credit: MSNBC) Former Sen. Claire McCaskill displayed a distinct disconnect from reality by ridiculously claiming that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants high gas prices to […]

Families sue Texas over child abuse investigations for teen hormone therapy, alleged attempted suicide

The families of three teenagers in Texas have filed suit against the state in response to investigations of child abuse as a result of medical treatments they […]

‘Why in the world?’ Fired Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt surprises news anchor with Jan 6 ‘bombshell’

Before the ratings have even come out on the first prime time Jan. 6 hearings, fired Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt announced Friday that he’ll be […]

Pompeo: Schools need to employ U.S. veterans as protectors and mentors

Former Trump administration Secretary of State Mike Pompeo penned an opinion piece for Fox News in which he offered that a strategy drawn from military procedures must […]

Media gloms on to Trump’s response to Ivanka clip in shameful attempt to pit daughter against father

(Video Credit: CNN) The left and the media attempted to pit Ivanka Trump against her father during the January 6 committee inquisition Thursday and former President Donald […]

CNN’s Watergate series: This coverup is worse than the crime

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. CNN is presently running an entertaining series, Watergate: Blue for a Scandal, featuring Nixon’s White House […]

‘Are you building a criminal case against Trump?’ Jake Tapper asks about ultimate purpose of Jan 6 committee

(Video: CNN) The opening of the sham “January 6 Hearing” on Thursday turned out to be a dud, despite the rather unimpressive stagecraft of a former ABC […]

More lockdown fall out: Americans face ‘total disaster come August’ due to nationwide lifeguard shortage

The weather is heating up and millions of people, weary from COVID-19 restrictions, are headed to beaches and local pools, but, warns one expert, a nationwide shortage […]

Top Disney exec reportedly ‘blindsided’ when he gets the boot for not fitting in with ‘new Disney culture’

(Video Credit: CNBC) Disney CEO Bob Chapek “abruptly fired ” Chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content Peter Rice on Monday because he ostensibly doesn’t fit in with […]

‘I’m back!’ Libs of TikTok returns to Twitter with sass after suspension for ‘MEGA DRAG THREAD’

After yet another suspension — this time for exposing a string of drag events aimed specifically at children — the wildly popular Libs of TikT account has […]

Gaetz quips he’d rather trim Pelosi’s ‘toenails’ with his teeth, give her ‘a sponge bath’ than have dinner with one lawmaker

(Video Credit: MTG Live) U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz grossed out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene by proclaiming he’d rather give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a sponge bath or […]

NPR helps promote campaign to pressure advertisers to dump Fox News

It’s no secret that the Left views Fox News as a mortal threat to “Our Democracy” and their progressive agenda that has done so much to lead […]

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