Pediatrician lists resources for baby formula, but warns parents not to make their own

As parents attempt to grapple with a severe baby formula shortage that has hit the United States unexpectedly, causing widespread panic, Dr. Sarah Adams, who is a […]

New legislation in New York may force first responders to undergo ‘implicit bias training’

While addressing a crisis brought about in part by the unprecedented lockdowns that continue to show a net negative impact on society, New York Democrats, led by […]

Unknown ‘health emergency’ blamed for three American deaths at Bahamas Sandals resort

Three Americans mysteriously died of convulsions at the luxury all-inclusive Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in the Bahamas on Friday and a fourth has been hospitalized after an […]

Psaki flat-out denies US had a hand in Ukraine sinking Russian warship

When it comes to messaging in favor of the woke cause of the week, President Joe Biden’s administration seems to have no trouble coordinating a response, but […]

CNN contributor admits Dem plans on ‘loser issue’ student loan relief will ‘piss off the working class’

Progressive pundits appear to be growing woke-weary as evidenced by the Democrat Party’s crusade for ever-expanding handouts, leading one commentator to chide that the left keeps churning […]

Kanye West sued by Texas pastor for using part of his sermon in a song

Bishop David Paul Moten is suing rapper Kanye West for copyright infringement, alleging he used part of one of his sermons in his track “Come to Life” […]

Swalwell called GOP ‘party of mass shooters’ in attempt to argue for abortion – It backfired BIGLY

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell has once again made a complete fool of himself, this time with a defense of abortion in which he brought up the completely […]

NYC Mayor Adams defends using campaign funds to jet off to LA: ‘I must do what other mayors are doing’

Following a week that included carousing with celebrities at the Met and jet-setting to Los Angeles to party with comedian Dave Chappelle, New York City Mayor Eric […]

‘I am all in’: Billionaire Ken Griffin pours $25M into Illinois governor race to defeat Dem incumbent

A Republican candidate for governor of Illinois has $25 million more in his coffers this week to support his bid to oust Democrat incumbent Gov. J.B. Pritzker. […]

Clarence Thomas resolute: ‘We won’t be bullied’ over Roe ruling, Roberts slams ‘appalling’ leak

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas informed the left on Friday that the high court cannot be “bullied” over its decision concerning the landmark abortion case Roe vs. […]

Pro-life Dems fear the party is moving further away from them amid Roe leak fervor

A pro-life contingent of the Democrat Party pushed for the reversal of the 1973 landmark decision Roe v. Wade this week and wondered – much to the […]

Man sued for $15M after mechanic was crushed by his vehicle while performing oil change

A Michigan man whose car was involved in a tragic and bizarre accident after he took it in for an oil change has been caught up in […]

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