Dave Scott: Are 38% of Americans blind & deaf?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Joe Biden’s recent Quinnipiac Poll approval rating plummeting to 38% is not surprising. What’s surprising is […]

Priorities! Newsom makes gender-neutral toy aisles the law for retailers in California

Gov. Newsom forces large retailers in California to go woke with gender-neutral toy aisles California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom continued his radical progressive moves by mandating that […]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes scolded for ‘misinformation’ trying to discredit life-saving monoclonal antibodies

Left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes was ridiculed mercilessly on Sunday after he claimed that monoclonal antibody treatments, used in COVID-19 cases, cost about $2,000 per treatment. “The […]

Biden becomes first president to mark ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ on Columbus Day, as colleges celebrate

The latest indication of just how much control the hard-left has in the Biden administration was seen on Friday with the first-ever presidential proclamation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day […]

Pilot speaks out, sparks mega-cheers: ‘This is the single bravest thing I have seen in years. God bless these Pilots’

A purported airline pilot is warning America that the precedent set by compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations is just the beginning of further new-normal erosions of personal liberty. “Whether […]

Trump’s pick for Arizona governor bluntly asserts that Jan. 6 rioters were ‘invited in by Capitol Police’

Wildly popular former Fox News anchor Kari Lake, who has been endorsed by former President Trump as an Arizona gubernatorial candidate, is asserting that Capitol rioters were […]

Steve Hilton promotes smartphone ban for children

Steve Hilton says that “screen addiction” is fundamentally hurting America’s youth to the dismay of desperate parents, and he has a proposed solution: “Smartphones have been a […]

‘Dear God!’ CBS host steals spotlight with ridiculous, over-the-top reaction to gaslighting guest

The national media continues to do its bit in not only propping up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s politically motivated select committee to investigate the U.S. Capitol protest […]

Vet Rob Smith calls for Americans to fight: How to help GOP combat left’s freefall into authoritarianism

Iraq war veteran and political commentator Rob Smith told “The Next Revolution’s” Steve Hilton on Sunday that “classical liberals” need to speak out against the radical left’s […]

Left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle explains role of natural immunity in lowering Covid cases Cali

California touts the lowest per capita number of COVID cases in the nation and the San Francisco Chronicle says it is because of a really bad winter […]

MSNBC falsely warns of ‘rolling coup,’ GOP ‘will not certify a democratic victory in 2024’ if they control House

MSNBC is rolling out another conspiracy theory, this time by fast-forwarding to 2024. “Mark my words: If Donald Trump is the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, and Republicans […]

Allen West’s COVID hospitalization made him even ‘more dedicated’ to fight vax mandates. Here’s why.

Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West who is currently recovering from COVID said that his hospitalization for the virus hasn’t changed his mind about vaccine mandates and […]