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Allen West’s COVID hospitalization made him even ‘more dedicated’ to fight vax mandates. Here’s why.

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Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West who is currently recovering from COVID said that his hospitalization for the virus hasn’t changed his mind about vaccine mandates and has made him ‘more dedicated” to oppose the tyrannical measures of the Biden administration.

Over the weekend, West was admitted to a hospital in Plano where he underwent monoclonal antibody treatment after he was diagnosed with pneumonia related to the virus and, much to the chagrin of those who gloated over his illness, he remains steadfast in his determination to fight mandatory jabbing.

West, who announced that he was mounting a primary run against Republican incumbent Greg Abbott who some feel hasn’t been sufficiently conservative, took to Twitter to thank people for their support for himself and his wife Angela who was also treated.

He also touted the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy as an alternative to the vaccines that he believes only fatten the bank accounts of “Big Pharma and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians,” in a series of tweets from the hospital.

The retired Army officer and conservative Christian described the health scare that resulted in his trip to the hospital.

West also expressed his appreciation for the hospital staff who weren’t forcing him to partake in “harmful protocols” and perhaps, even more importantly, making him grits for breakfast.

He also said that his hospital stay has added to his resolve to fight the mandates and the resistance to the monoclonal antibody treatment.

West also praised the antibody treatment instead of injecting Americans – but not illegal immigrants – with spike proteins, suggesting that people should trust the science.

He vowed that if he ends up being elected as governor that he will “vehemently crush anyone forcing vaccine mandates in the Lone Star State.”

The candidate also slammed “progressive socialist jackasses,” a fitting description for the Democrats who are demanding that everyone mask up and get vaccinated.

Back in 2012 when West was a congressman in Florida, he was savaged by the media after he warned that there were 78-81 communists in the House of Representatives, a statement that may have sounded crazy at the time but in 2021 shows that he was the proverbial canary in a coal mine now that the “progressive socialist jackasses” have become a dominant force in the Democrat-controlled Congress and the White House.

West’s campaign website states that the rule of law is one of his top priorities and that includes medical freedom.

Chris Donaldson


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