Women now make up nearly half of first-time gun buyers, ‘MeToo’ movement helping to drive the trend

A report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that nearly half of recent first-time gun purchases have been made by women. According to the report, 3.5 million […]

Joy Reid rolled after claiming she was ‘hesitant’ of Covid vax under Trump because she’s ‘rational’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid acknowledged Thursday that she hesitated to endorse and take a COVID-19 vaccine during former President Donald Trump’s term, but she changed her tune after […]

Philadelphia woman pulled from car by police during protest to get 2M from city

The city of Philadelphia has agreed to pay $2 million to a woman that police pulled from her car and beat with batons during an anti-police brutality […]

Nicki Minaj fans show up outside CDC HQ in protest: ‘Fauci lied to me!’

Wildly popular rapper Nicki Minaj’s tweets questioning COVID vaccinations sparked a protest by fans outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on […]

Restaurant’s entire staff quits en masse, leaves note on door; management disputes claims

The great pandemic of the 21st century — at least, the initial installment thereof — is teaching Americans some valuable lessons, though it remains to be seen whether […]

Hint of lime or a hint of crime? Tostitos faces class-action lawsuit over its citrus flavored chips

The folks at the Frito Lay company may have been deceiving the American consumer for some time now according to debate over a possible violation of advertising […]

Cruz blasts Biden at border for lawless ‘manmade disaster’: You could end this tomorrow!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tore into President Biden over his “manmade crisis” at the border in Del Rio, Texas sharing shocking footage of more than 10,000 illegal […]

Another ‘vetted’ Afghan evacuee turns out to be convicted felon, was deported in 2017

A second Afghan evacuee who was allegedly “vetted” by the Biden administration was apprehended in Washington, D.C. after it was discovered that he was a felon convicted […]

Haley rips Milley for ‘having the back of Chinese’; Milley defends himself saying call ‘perfectly’ acceptable

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley launched a broadside at Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley over the latter’s alleged conversations with his Chinese counterpart ahead […]

Three Texas tourists arrested for allegedly attacking NYC hostess who asked for vaccine ID

Few things are dividing Americans today as much as the issue of COVID-19 vaccines, as fear takes a firm hold on large segments of our society. The […]

CDC reports ‘substantial and alarming’ rise in childhood obesity amid pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it some huge problems, and one of those huge problems is children’s waistlines. A new report from the Centers for Disease […]

Tucker: Biden’s open border causing deadly crises among America’s youth. Why doesn’t he care?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused President Joe Biden of indifference after tens of thousands of young Americans have died from drug overdoses caused by massive amounts […]

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