‘How can you be against the Taliban if you’re pro-life?’: Twitter takes Dan Rather to school over awful take

It’s not surprising to see Dan Rather carry water for President Joe Biden and his Democratic cohorts, but to see the disgraced ex-newsman essentially justify actions from […]

University disenrolls over one hundred students over vaccination status

Virginia Tech officially disenrolled 134 unvaccinated students on Tuesday for non-compliance and for not submitting proof of vaccination in their crackdown over mandated COVID vaccines, according to […]

Georgia files FOIA request seeking DoJ communications with left-leaning activist groups

Georgia officials have responded to an elections-related lawsuit filed by the Justice Department with a request for any and all communications between the DoJ and liberal activist […]

AOC accuses former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel of covering up a ‘murder’ after nomination

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is demanding Congress nix President Joe Biden’s nomination of former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel for ambassador to Japan in light of his […]

Despite former fervent support, anti-Trump actress begs Biden to sack Garland for Sally Yates

Emmy award-winning actress Debra Messing called for President Joe Biden to sack Attorney General Merrick Garland after having celebrated his choice in January. The former star of […]

Lemon unleashes tirade against the unvaxed, says they’re ‘taking up the space’ at hospitals

CNN host Don Lemon had quite a bit to say about unvaccinated people taking up precious space in hospitals on Tuesday night. The impassioned, impromptu lecture began […]

‘Shoo-in’ NYC council candidate wants ‘restorative justice circles’ where victims and attackers meet

A Queens City Council candidate with socialist tendencies who is considered a lock for her race is pushing a plan that would ensure New Yorkers are victimized […]

Military texts reveal intense anger amid pullout chaos: ‘We are f***ing abandoning American citizens’

Text messages from U.S. military commanders and others involved in evacuation operations at the international airport in Kabul during the final, desperate, and deadly days of the […]

‘Who is he mad at?’: CBS correspondent grills Psaki on Biden’s sour mood during Afghanistan speech

In President Joe Biden’s speech about the end of the war in Afghanistan, some commentators noted he seemed… angry? Ed O’Keefe, a CBS News White House correspondent, […]

More than 6,500 accused felons unleashed upon New York as District Attorneys decline to prosecute

The law-loving, citizens-first government of New York is at it again. According to data compiled by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, district attorneys […]

VA Supreme Court orders teacher be reinstated after suspension for opposing controversial gender policy

The Virginia Supreme Court has dealt a defeat to the radical Loudon County, Va., school board and provided a win for free speech, and as a result, […]

Dave Scott: ‘Air Biden’ flying jihadists to America?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. A U.S. pilot flying Afghan evacuees out of Kabul told reporters that his plane sat on […]

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