Hot to trot DoorDash driver gives new meaning to pickup order, reportedly holds food hostage for sex

In what might give new meanings to the terms side hustle or pickup order, a DoorDash delivery driver who allegedly propositioned a customer as a condition of […]

Government power grab thwarted when district court declares eviction moratorium ‘unconstitutional’

Robert Henneke and Kimberly Hermann, DCNF As Americans reflect on the past year and how much power the federal government has taken for itself in the name […]

Dem lawmaker breaks from Pelosi, voices concern over possible bid to steal Iowa GOP seat

A moderate California Democrat and member of the shrinking “Blue Dog Coalition” has broken with his party and is expressing concerns over a review by the House […]

‘I fought back tears’: Democratic Senator says he witnessed separated children at Biden border facility

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said he “fought back tears” after witnessing a sobbing girl separated from her grandmother at a U.S. border facility […]

Tufts University removes portraits of past presidents because they’re too white

Benjamin Zeisloft, Campus Reform Part of Tufts University’s multimillion-dollar antiracism plan involves replacing eleven portraits of the school’s former presidents with exhibitions about underrepresented communities. According to […]

Looking to sue Pelosi, GOP lawmaker says he intentionally skirted ‘ridiculous’ Capitol metal detectors

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! To hear Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde tell it, he knew exactly what he was doing every time he side-stepped the U.S. Capitol’s […]

Judge Jeanine shuts down segment when guest distorts Biden record: ‘I don’t tolerate lies on my show!’

Tireless Trump supporter and law-and-order champion Jeanine Pirro was not having it when a Democrat apologist tried to deflect from the illegal immigration crisis at the southern […]

Cigna employees subjected to toxic critical race theory training, dissuaded from hiring white men: report says

Employees at one of the country’s largest health insurers are being subjected to left-wing “critical race theory” instruction and are reportedly being dissuaded from hiring white males, […]

Ga. sheriff pushed out as spokesman over false media narrative he sympathized with alleged Atlanta gunman

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! Thanks to the left’s smears and propaganda, Cherokee County Sheriffs Office Capt. Jay Baker is no longer the spokesperson for the Atlanta […]

CUNY law school dean self-cancels, opting to retire in atonement after calling herself a ‘slaveholder’

In what might be an illustration of how liberals are hardly exempt from the cancel culture, a law school dean is retiring because she foolishly reportedly referred […]

Tomi Lahren calls Biden ‘shadow president,’ says Dems will replace him with VP Harris in 5-6 months

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren said Saturday she believes it is only a matter of time — a short time, in fact — before Democrats move to […]

Toobin begins epic comeback from Zoom masturbation scandal, ‘stroking it’ in first round of ‘Liberal Hack Tournament’

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! Masturbating CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin has made a rootin’-tootin’ comeback, sort of. While he hasn’t been seen on air ever since he […]

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