Sprite’s new LGBTQ ad is a rainbow-coated, pandering mess – with no soda

You can now safely add Sprite to the list of corporations pandering to the LGBTQ community. In a new, bizarre advertisement for their lemon-lime soda, the company […]

Pardoned Green Beret shares his personal experience with Trump; awed by his warmth and courage

Former Green Beret officer Maj. Matthew Golsteyn admitted he is “awed” by President Trump and the “incredible display of courage” he showed. Receiving a call from the […]

Kanye West brings Jesus message & music to Houston jails; video footage captures emotions

Pro-Trump Christian rapper Kanye West to his criminal justice reform efforts to a whole new level this Friday by performinggospel-themed songs from his new album, “Jesus is […]

Border Patrol gives credit to Trump for 73% drop in apprehensions in five months

Border Patrol officials are giving President Donald Trump the credit for anearly 100,000 drop in the number of apprehensions of migrants illegally crossing the border. U.S. Customs […]

Instagram influencers applauded for sharing relatable bikini snaps to prove ‘everybody bloats’

Two of the biggest Instagram bikini influencers in Australia have decided that they are going to their bodies no matter what the haters and trolls say. […]

Popeyes responds, Americans debate after young boy is caught on camera working in kitchen

The drama seems to never stop at Popeyes. Last week, a brutish Poepyes store manager ran up to a 55-year-old female customer and slammed her to the […]

‘Lying Trash’: George Conway attacks GOP Rep Elise Stefanik for taking on Schiff

Chuck Ross, DCNF. George Conway, the husband of White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and a harsh critic of President Donald Trump, called Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik […]

AG Barr warns dems are dangerously trying to ‘sabotage’ Trump, incapacitate the executive branch

Attorney General William Barr is now accusing congressional Democrats of “sabotage” and “using every tool and maneuver” they have to resist Trump and cast doubt on whether […]

Two guards on duty when Epstein died reportedly turn down plea deal, as DOJ considers charges

Two correctional employees responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein reportedly rejected a plea deal which may indicate that theDepartment of Justice is considering criminal charges. The two guards […]

Mother of Benghazi attack victim distraught over Yovanovitch’s exploitation of her son’s death

The mother of deceased U.S. Foreign Service officer/diplomat Sean Smith is displeased withformer U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s decision to name her dead son as she […]

Maher is ‘scared’ of Nikki Haley’s ‘sudden’ Trump-love; she went ‘full-on Team Deplorable’

Liberal firebrand Bill Maher tossed former UN ambassador Nikki Haley under the bus Friday night on his show, “Real Time,” bemoaning the fact that“she went full-on Team […]

Sebastian Gorka gives Trump brilliant idea involving Yovanovitch and Roger Stone

In a goofy tweet posted afterformer U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified before Congress on Friday,former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka quipped that the president ought […]

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