Louie Gohmert has 3 key witnesses in mind and Hunter Biden isn’t one … that would be ‘more of a sideshow’

Rep.Louie Gohmert dismissed the idea of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son being called in as a witness before Congress as just a “sideshow.” Speaking onFox News […]

Kid Rock attempts to explain drunken anti-Oprah rant that went viral

On Saturday, Robert James Richie, better known as Kid Rock, to to to explain his seemingly inexplicable and unprompted rant against Oprah Winfrey that quickly went […]

Clarence Thomas says the ‘modern-day liberal’ turned out to be more dangerous than the Klan

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas takes a timely lo at his1991 confirmation hearings, led by then-Sen. Joe Biden, declaring it wasn’t the Ku Klux Klan he should […]

BET founder talks ‘double effect,’ says no Democrat candidate is capable of defeating Trump in 2020

BET Founder Bob Johnson believes the2020 presidential election is President Trump’s to lose and there aren’t any Democratic contenders who can successfully challenge him. The founder and […]

Department store ‘rethinking’ menstruation badges showing when female employees are on their period

Daimaru, a department store in Osaka, Japan, is reconsidering the use of voluntary badges that denote menstruation that were instituted at the request of an employee. The […]

Hallmark channel gets put on ‘naughty’ list – 2019 Christmas movies too white

Hallmark movies are a traditional staple in the American Christmas season diet, so it’s no wonder they are suddenly coming under attack from the left. CEO of […]

Video: Tusk-wielding Polish chef helped take down London Bridge attacker

One of the heroes identified in the London Bridge terror attack was a Polish chef who used a five-foot narwhal tusk to bring down the attacker. The […]

Hunter Biden cites undue embarrassment in petition to keep finances private in child support case with ex-stripper

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is locked in a legal tussle with an ex-stripper over financial support for a baby born out of wedlock […]

Leo DiCaprio responds after Brazilian president blames him for paying to have Amazon fires set

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro lamentedfires that have scorched the rainforest and is holding actor Leonardo DiCaprio accountable. TheSouth American leader called outDiCaprio for “giving money to […]

Georgia Gov. Kemp to snub Trump with liberal-leaning senate pick; Matt Gaetz throws down over it.

President Donald Trump and his supporters are not happy with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a fellow Republican, after it was discovered that he likely plans to appoint […]

Evangelicals accused of ‘submitting to white nationalism’ for supporting Trump

Al Sharpton andRev. Jim Wallis tore into President Trump andwhite evangelical Christians who were blasted as racist in a discussion on faith in politics. The liberal activist […]

Spookstock secret CIA gala hosts rocker Lenny Kravitz

You may have never heard of Spostock, but it’s one of the most elite annual charity galas in Washington, DC. Held for thetight-knit intelligence and military special […]

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