Fiery reaction when anti-Trump NYT columnist lets pro-Trump brother have a shot at her column

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd let her Republican brother take over for her on Thanksgiving Day and he delivered a column blasting Democrats while praising President Donald Trump. […]

Police chief calls out Starbucks after barista labels receipt with ‘PIG’

Given the repeated abuses law enforcement officers have experienced when visiting Starbucks coffee shops, it’s a wonder officers bother to darken the company’s doors. The latest incident […]

Cringe video shows Bloomberg explain why taxing the poor will save them from themselves

It’s no mystery that Michael Bloomberg is rich; Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders remind us of that all the time. It’s also no secret that Bloomberg has […]

Fired Navy secretary pens op-ed signaling deep state is alive and well in DC

If there is any one lesson to draw from his first term in office, President Trump may say that it’s to be more vigilant with appointments to […]

Ronan Farrow says he was shunned by Hillary after he exposed pervert Harvey Weinstein

Hillary Clinton reportedly booted journalist Ronan Farrow out of her circle after learning of his investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Farrow spoke […]

Jake Tapper jumps the shark when he attempts to shade Trump’s Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan

The mainstream media would like you to believe they are unbiased, especially when it comes to reporting on political matters that concern President Trump. They attempt to […]

Tim Allen blasts ‘alarming’ political correctness, having to explain himself to ‘thought police’

Actor and comedian Tim Allen blasted the “thought police” and condemned the “alarming” political correctness that has changed his live performances. The conservative star of Fox’s “Last Man […]

Ilhan Omar’s Republican challenger permanently suspended by Twitter over controversial comment

Danielle Stella, a Republican congressional candidate running for Representative Ilhan Omar’s seat in Minnesota, found her “@2020mncongress” account permanently suspended by Twitter after issuing a tweet about […]

Several people reportedly stabbed in London Bridge attack, alleged perpetrator shot

Shelby Talcott, DCNF Several people were stabbed Friday near the London Bridge in England and a man has been detained regarding the incident, according to police. Officers […]

Cuccinelli slams ex-Gov Martin O’Malley for ‘shocking’ behavior, says he tried to provoke fistfight in DC bar

The deranged behavior from the left toward President Trump and his administration shows no signs of letting up, even as their extreme actions reach dangerous levels. And, […]

Justice Thomas unloads on the ‘modern day liberal,’ likens to Klansmen in new documentary

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lashed out at Democrats and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden who oversaw his confirmation process when he was a senator. Thomas targeted the […]

Afghan president shuts down late-night comics posing as foreign policy experts, agrees with Trump

On October 27, President Donald Trump announced the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. While this led to widespread praise, those on the late-night comedy circuit […]