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Maher is ‘scared’ of Nikki Haley’s ‘sudden’ Trump-love; she went ‘full-on Team Deplorable’

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Liberal firebrand Bill Maher tossed former UN ambassador Nikki Haley under the bus Friday night on his show, “Real Time,” bemoaning the fact that “she went full-on Team Deplorable this week.”

He actually confessed that he previously held her in at least somewhat high regard. “I thought she was one of the more reasonable ones,” he said. “She kind of acquitted herself at her job at the U.N.”

But then with apparently quivering knees and perspiring brows, he warned his faithful minions that, gasp … Haley is a conservative. Oh no … “She went full-on Team Deplorable this week!”

He then played interview clips of Haley making the rounds promoting her new book, “With All Due Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace.” The footage showed the GOP former South Carolina governor solidly defending President Trump in the face of Democrats in the House trying to make the case for his impeachment.

She has said Trump has always been “truthful” with her, and she wants Dems to “show me the proof” that the president did anything wrong in his dealings with Ukraine.

“This is the scariest thing this week,” Maher said, “because this is somebody who is betting that there is no more Republican-Classic Party, there is only Trump, and she thinks, ‘Well, after he’s gone, I’ll be able to rejoin polite society.’ But when you do this, you’re destroying polite society. This is so scary to me.”

Polite society? Insinuating that the left represents polite society? Does anyone else have to catch their breath here?

And then there’s the obvious question of why Maher is suddenly surprised to learn that Haley is a “deplorable” supporter of President Trump and an established and well-qualified thinking conservative held in high regard by many on the right.

Have a look at a segment of one of the interviews Haley did on Fox News this week:

Video by Fox News

In a panel discussion on the program, Maher also predicted that Donald Trump Jr. would be the 2024 Republican nominee, which drew laughs from the deeply programmed progressive audience.

“Yeah, they laughed when I said Trump would win too,” Maher followed up. “Because that’s what Third World dictators do.”

Maher also told his panel that he was concerned about “investigation fatigue” among the American public. Hard to fathom for some apparently, that people are not riveted before their screens watching Adam Schiff’s orchestrated House Intelligence Committee coup attempt that is clearly doomed to fail.

“So 81 percent of the people in America have made up their minds about impeachment, 13 million watched, so we’re not doing this for a helluva lot of people,” said Maher. “And I think a lot of the people who are watching think this is the impeachment trial, you know? And I worry that, OK, we went through this once when the transcripts came out, when we first heard the story, those of us who were following it. Now we’re going through it again with impeachment inquiry, then we’ll go through it again with the trial.”

“It’s three times with the same people, the same story,” he added. “Do you worry that maybe we’re going to match Trump fatigue with investigation fatigue?”

Funny he did not mention the Russian debacle that actually started the Dems’ dead-horse beating trend.

Victor Rantala


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