Body language expert compares Melania’s time with Prince Harry to Michelle O’s, but something’s wrong

Did you catch that? “They’re having a moment with each other.”

Race-baiters hit NASCAR to prove NFL-scolding must be racist; guess what they do before each race?

And it’s not by accident that NASCAR is singled out, being a sport where the vast majority of athletes are white.

Video proof shows popular 90s band predicted Trump would be president 17 years ago

Giving the band real Nostradamus street cred,

Guy skillfully shotguns a beer by throwing it in the air and taking aim. Impressive.

Now that’s a sharpshooter.

NFL unity ad airs Sunday to repair PR damage; how about unifying players with a rule to stand for the anthem?


SG Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers ENTIRE team will not show up for national anthem, the weasel excuse will floor you

…the irony behind this occurrence palpable.

NFL just took disgraceful anti-America protest overseas; ex-fans are DONE with ‘pampered traitors’

In the first game played since President Donald Trump called players who kneel for the national anthem sons of bitches, the tone has been set. More than […]

Patriots owner, Trump friend Robert Kraft chooses sides in POTUS – NFL fight


POLL: Is it time to boycott the NFL until they require players to respect the American anthem?

Gosh I wonder why Trump won

Walmart testing service that stocks your fridge while you’re not home

Good idea?

keith olbermann tells nfl fans to sit
Now, Keith Olbermann calls on FANS to disrespect national anthem to protest Trump

Gosh, I wonder why Trump won.

AP Neil Gorsuch, Mitch McConnell
Justice Gorsuch accused of campaigning for Mitch McConnell for laughable reasons

It seems Democrats are STILL sore over the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Jessica Mason Pieklo, a journalist for Rewire News, took to social […]